• Five AA Speaker Meetings
  • AA Marathons
  • H & I Speaker Meeting
  • Young Peoples Meeting
  • Family Meeting Speakers



  • Keynote Speaker Meeting
  • Family Meeting Speakers
  • Topic Meetings




Friday, August 28

AA Speaker Meeting (Early Bird) 4:30 pm
AA Marathon Meetings Begin 6:00 pm
AA Speaker Meeting (Welcoming) 7:30 pm

Saturday, August 29

AA Marathon Meetings Continue 12:00 am
Al-Anon Topic Meetings Continue 9:00 am
AA Speaker Meeting (Workshop) 9:00 am
Al-Anon Keynote Speaker 11:00 am
AA H&I Meeting 1:00 pm
AA/Al-Anon Family Meeting 3:00 pm
Al-Anon Topic Meeting - Last of Day 5:00 pm
AA Young People's Meeting 5:00 pm
AA Speaker Meeting (Saturday Evening) 7:00 pm

Sunday, August 30

AA Marathon Meetings - Final Meeting 8:00 am
AA Speaker Meeting (Sunday Spiritual) 10:30 am

Speaker Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 28 Name


4:30 pm AA Early Bird Speaker Meeting

Jennifer H, Plano, TX   Listen

7:30 pm AA Friday Night Welcome Meeting Speaker

Theresa F, North Hills, CA   Listen

Saturday, August 29 Name


9:00 am AA Speaker Meeting & Workshop

Mackenzie S, Olive Branch, MS   Listen

11:00 am Al-Anon Saturday Keynote Speaker

Ajit S, Irvine, CA   Listen

1:00 pm H&I Speaker Meeting

Angela P, Montecito CA   Listen

3:00 pm Family Meeting Speaker

Yvette-Eddy-EJ B, Granada Hills CA   Listen

5:00 pm Young People Speaker Meeting

Richard B, Los Angeles, CA   Listen

7:00 pm AA Saturday Evening Speaker

Darren P, Santa Barbara, CA   Listen

Sunday, August 30 Name


10:30 am AA Sunday Spiritual Speaker Meeting

Rico C, Antelope Valley, CA   Listen

Marathon Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 28 Topic


6:00 pm Daily Reflections Aug. 28

Sandy S.

9:00 pm Powerless Over Alcohol

dave s.

10:00 pm Acceptance
11:00 pm Higher Power
Saturday, August 29 Topic


12:00 am Accept Responsibility

Ron S.

1:00 am Gratitude

Tony L.

2:00 am Surrender

Natalie L.

3:00 am Hitting Bottom

Gerry W.

4:00 am Letting Go

Dorine M.

5:00 am Humility

Tim P.

6:00 am Freedom

Suzy W.

7:00 am Daily Reflection Aug. 29

Steven R.

8:00 am Bridging the Gap and H&I Correspondence

Bonnie N.

11:00 am Fear

Douglas W.

12:00 pm Accepting Life on Lifes Term

Giulio D.

1:00 pm Repairing the Damage

Ronald K.

2:00 pm Giving It Away

Brian B.

3:00 pm Program for Living

Joel M.

4:00 pm Baggage

Mickey D.

5:00 pm New Life

Jim D.

6:00 pm Your Central Office

Bonnie N.

9:00 pm Open Topic / Speaker Choice

James G.

10:00 pm Joy of Living

Donna A.

11:00 pm Willingness


Sunday, August 30 Topic


12:00 am Surrender

Jon K.

1:00 am Letting Go

Tim P.

2:00 am 5th Step

Lisa S.

3:00 am Acceptance

Other O.

4:00 am Hitting Bottom

Jewels D.

5:00 am Giving It Away

K.C. V.

6:00 am Changed Outlook

Karen B.

7:00 am Daily Reflections August 30

Judy G.

8:00 am Open Topic / Speaker Choice

Rob C.

Al-Anon Events Schedule

Friday, August 28
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Al-Anon Topic Meetings Begin

Saturday, August 29
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Keynote Speaker

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Family Meeting

Sunday, August 30
8:30 am - 9:30 am

Al-Anon Final Topic Meeting

Al-Anon Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 28 Topic


5:00 pm Step 1 - 3: "I Can't, God Can, I'll Let Him".

Sarah P

Saturday, August 29 Topic


9:00 am Step 4 - 5: "I Was Blind, But Now I See .. How my Resentments Held Me Back"

Lucas Z

1:00 pm Step 6 - 7: "I Can See Clearly Now My Defects of Character"

Steve A

5:00 pm Step 8 - 9: "Sweeping Away the Wreckage of the Past and Getting to the Promises"

Stephen J

Sunday, August 30 Topic


8:30 am Step 10 - 12: "Keeping it Clear, Current, Cleaned Up and Connected with a New Pair of Glasses"

Kay B