• AA Speaker Meetings
  • AA Marathons
  • Saturday Night Speaker Meeting
  • Sunday Morning Spiritual Meeting
  • Young Peoples Meetings



  • Opening Topic Meeting
  • Al-Anon Luncheon
  • Al-Anon Marathon Meetings
  • Final Topic Meeting


Meals, Ceremonies & Entertainment

  • Al-Anon Luncheon - The Al-Anon Luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, August 24, 11:30am, at the Madonna Inn’s Venetian Room. The doors open at 11:00am for seat selection. Attendees must be registered for the convention and the event to attend. Seating is limited and the event sells out quickly, so pre-registration is recommended. Attendees have a choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian. Following the meal, our Al-Anon speaker meeting will feature Eileen A., from Southern California, as she shares her experience, strength and hope with us. For any questions, email:
  • Saturday BBQ - Join us Saturday, August 24, 4:30pm, for Bull’s World Famous BBQ. This event takes place at the Vet’s Hall in San Luis Obispo. Tickets are $12 and purchase of tickets with your pre-registration payment is highly recommended.
  • Opening Ceremony - Join us on Friday at 7:30pm for the convention Opening Ceremony; follow our welcoming message to all attendees, awards will be presented to the Monarch Dunes golfing greats. Come see who wins men’s and women’s longest drive and closest to the pin for the tournament. Following the award ceremony, the convention will officially kick off with the 8pm AA Speaker Meeting and our speaker Christina G., from Brecksville, OH.
  • Music - During the weekend, we have special music events planned. Check in with the registration desk when you arrive for the details. 
  • Dancing - Bring your dancing shoes to the Saturday Night Speaker meeting which will be followed by our annual convention dance. 
  • AA Movies - During the weekend, take a popcorn break to enjoy one of our recovery-related movies that run during the weekend. We will be showing AA and Al-Anon themed movies Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Movies will run continuously during the weekend, with breaks for the various speaker meetings.

Sporting Events

  • 5K Fun Run/Walk - Saturday August 24, 8am.  Start and end at 801 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.  No T-shirts and no participation charge or registration this year.  Just come out for fun and fellowship.  Contact Laura G., 805-801-9528, for information.
  • Golf Tournament - The Golf Tournament will be held at the Monarch Dunes Golf Course. The format is a four person scramble with Men’s and Women’s long drive and closest to the pin contests. Sign-in begins at 7:30am with the tournament starting at 8:30am Friday August 23rd.  For all information, contact Matt G at 805-610-2571.  Form your own team or be assigned to one.  Please sign up early and include your team contact phone number. Convention registration is required for all participants.  List those golfers you know to be in your group on the registration form.


Friday, August 23

Golf Tournament Start 8:30 am
Registration & Hospitality Open 3:00 pm
AA Marathon Meetings Begin 5:00 pm
Golf Awards 7:30 pm
AA Speaker Meeting 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 24

AA Marathon Meetings Continue 12:00 am
Registration & Hospitality Open 8:00 am
5K Run/Walk 8:00 am
Al-Anon Topic Meetings Continue 9:00 am
H&I Speaker Meeting 2:30 pm
Al-Anon Topic Meeting - Last of Day 4:00 pm
Bull's World Famous BBQ 4:30 pm
Young People Speaker Meeting 6:00 pm
Central Office Drawing 7:30 pm
Presentation of Committee 7:40 pm
Sobriety Countdown 7:50 pm
AA Speaker Meeting 8:00 pm

Sunday, August 25

Registration & Hospitality Open 8:00 am
AA Marathon Meetings - Final Meeting 8:00 am
AA Spiritual Speaker Meeting 10:00 am

AA Marathons

Start Friday, 5pm, run continuously until Sunday, 9am (last one starts at 8am)

Al-Anon Topic Meetings

Friday, 4 - 7 pm
Saturday, 9am - 4pm
Sunday, 8:30am

Speaker Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 24 Name


8:00 pm Friday Night Speaker Meeting

Steve L, Nashville, TN

Saturday, August 25 Name


11:30 am Al-Anon Luncheon Speaker Meeting

Larcine G, Hawthorne, CA

2:30 pm H&I Speaker Meeting

Bill D, Rocklin, CA

6:30 pm Young People’s Speaker Meeting

Marianna A, Granada Hills, CA

8:00 pm Saturday Night Speaker Meeting

Bill C, Torrance, CA

Sunday, August 26 Name


10:00 am Sunday Morning Speaker Meeting

Patricia P, Los Angeles, CA

Marathon Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 24 Topic


5:00 pm Turned our will and our lives over to a power

Michael K.

6:00 pm Surrender

Bonnie N.

7:00 pm God's will, not mine, be done

Ailish D.

8:00 pm The Promises
9:00 pm Acceptance is the key


10:00 pm Came to believe

Jim D.

11:00 pm Our dilemma, lack of power

David C.

Saturday, August 25 Topic


12:00 am Fearless and thorough right from the start

Ted O.

1:00 am We are not a glum lot

Elexia E.

2:00 am Made direct amends


3:00 am Conscious contact

Dana N.

4:00 am Ego deflation

Jennifer M.

5:00 am Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings

Michael K.

6:00 am Progress, not perfection

Anna P.

7:00 am Taking a trip, not taking a trip

Micha G.

8:00 am God could and would if he were sought

Wendal P.

9:00 am Became entirely ready

Tory S.

10:00 am Humility

Brad M.

11:00 am Losing that sense of isolation

Dawn P.

12:00 pm Fearless admission

Danny N.

1:00 pm Admitted the exact nature of our wrongs

Mateo L.

2:00 pm Willingness to change

Elexia E.

3:00 pm Placing spiritual growth first

Brenda K.

4:00 pm Discovering our character defects

Terry R.

5:00 pm A searching and fearless moral inventory

Carol N.

6:00 pm The road to happy destiny

Bonnie N.

7:00 pm Restored to sanity

Archie C.

8:00 pm Spiritual Experience

Kimberly L.

9:00 pm God as we understand God

Renata G.

10:00 pm Thoroughness pg. 114 "some men..."

Erin G.

11:00 pm Willingness to make amends

Stephanie M.

Sunday, August 26 Topic


12:00 am No human power could

Esteban C.

1:00 am Principles before personalities

Dawntherese L.

2:00 am Upon awakening

Michael M.

3:00 am Willing to go to any length

Paul C.

4:00 am What can we do for those still suffering

Michael M.

5:00 am We take it easy and pause

Rach V.

6:00 am A vision for you

Roy B.

7:00 am Restless, irritable and discontent

Meredith H.

8:00 am First things first

Doug L.

9:00 am Sought through prayer and meditation

Judy G.

Al-Anon Events Schedule

Friday, August 23
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Al-Anon Topic Meetings Begin

Start Time on Friday

Saturday, August 24
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Al-Anon Luncheon

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Al-Anon Basket Drawing

Sunday, August 25
8:30 am - 9:30 am

Al-Anon Final Topic Meeting

Al-Anon Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 24 Topic


4:00 pm Over-Grown: Working Step 1

Cindy S

5:00 pm Germination: Working Step 2

Anne K

6:00 pm Watering: Working Step 3

Bobbie T

Saturday, August 25 Topic


9:00 am Weeding: Working Step 4

Rosie E

10:00 am Composting: Working Step 5

Kathryn T

11:00 am Thinning: Working Step 6

Eric H

12:00 pm Pruning: Working Step 7

Tony F

1:00 pm Trimming: Working Step 8

Claudia D

2:00 pm Sowing Seeds: Working Step 9

Maureen O

3:00 pm The Constant Gardner: Working Step 10

Rachel C

4:00 pm Blooming: Working Step 12

Paul H

Sunday, August 26 Topic


8:30 am Taking Root: Working Step 11

John M