• Eight AA Speaker Meetings
  • AA Marathons
  • H & I Speaker Meeting
  • Young Peoples Meeting
  • Family Meeting Speakers
  • Saturday Night Comedy Hour
  • Sobriety Countdown



  • Keynote Speaker Meeting
  • Family Meeting Speakers
  • Topic Meetings




Friday, August 20

AA Early Bird Speaker Meeting 4:30 pm
AA Welcoming Speaker Meeting 7:00 pm
AA Marathon Meetings Begin
8:00 pm
Zoom Dance Party 9:00 pm

Saturday, August 21

AA Marathon Meetings Continue
1:00 am
Sunrise Meditation 7:00 am
AA Speaker Workshop 9:00 am
Al-Anon Speaker Meeting 11:00 am
AA Young Speaker People's Meeting
1:00 pm
AA/Al-Anon Family Speaker Meeting
3:00 pm
AA H&I Speaker Meeting
5:00 pm
AA Saturday Evening Keynote Speaker 7:00 pm
Interview With An Alcoholic 9:00 pm
Comedy Hour 10:00 pm

Sunday, August 22

AA Marathon Meetings - Final Meeting
5:00 am
Sunrise Meditation 6:45 am
AA International Speaker Meeting 8:00 am
AA Spiritual Speaker Meeting 10:00 am

Speaker Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 20 Name


4:30 pm AA Early Bird Speaker Meeting

Deryk H, Los Angeles CA   LISTEN

7:00 pm AA Friday Night Welcome Meeting Speaker

Sheldon F, Las Vegas NV   LISTEN

Saturday, August 21 Name


9:00 am AA Speaker Meeting & Workshop

Don L, Bellingham WA   LISTEN

11:00 am Al-Anon Keynote Speaker

Corrie L, AL   LISTEN

1:00 pm Young People Speaker Meeting

Chip H, New Orleans LA   LISTEN

3:00 pm Family Meeting Speakers

Craig W, Marissa W, Vicky L, & Stephen M, Hartford CT   LISTEN

5:00 pm H&I Speaker Meeting

Maxie V, Fremont CA   LISTEN

7:00 pm AA Saturday Evening Speaker

Susie C, Carpinteria CA   LISTEN

Sunday, August 22 Name


8:00 am International Speaker Meeting

Yisrael C, Jerusalem Israel   LISTEN

10:00 am AA Sunday Spiritual Speaker Meeting

Bernie S, Harpenden UK   LISTEN

Marathon Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 20 Topic


8:00 pm Surrender


10:00 pm Anger


11:00 pm Higher Power

Jon K.

Saturday, August 21 Topic


1:00 am Steps

Denise D.

3:00 am Insanity


6:00 am Open Topic

Claire D.

8:00 am Ego

Penelope C.

9:00 am Forgiveness

Dawn C.

10:00 am Hope

Sharon H.

11:00 am Letting Go

Johnny O.

12:00 pm Fear

Doug W.

1:00 pm Gratitude

Jet N.

2:00 pm Sobriety

Sherrie M.

3:00 pm Humility

Sherrie F.

4:00 pm Acceptance

Leslie C.

5:00 pm Easy Does It

Sheryl G.

6:00 pm Inventory

Melssa M.

Sunday, August 22 Topic


2:00 am Self-will

Shelly B.

3:00 am Resentment

Lisa S.

5:00 am Insanity

K.C. V.

Al-Anon Events Schedule

Saturday, August 21
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Al-Anon Keynote Speaker

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Family Meeting

Al-Anon Meeting Schedule

Friday, August 20 Topic


4:00 pm Steps 1 - 3 "Miracles of Acceptance, Hope and Release"
Al-Anon Theme Meeting

Katie E

6:00 pm “Teatime Toast to Lois”
Special Al-Anon Meeting

Panel .

Saturday, August 21 Topic


9:00 am Steps 4-5 “Witnessing Miracles of Surrender and Freedom From Fear”
Al-Anon Theme Meeting

Bob G

1:00 pm Steps 6-7 “Relationships are like Sprinkling Miracle Grow on Our Defects of Character”
Al-Anon Theme Meeting

Sharon L

5:00 pm Steps 8-9 “Don’t Give Up a Minute Before The Miracle Happens”
Al-Anon Theme Meeting

Sharon O

Sunday, August 22 Topic


8:30 am Steps 10-12 “Miracles Abound: The Tragic and The Magic”
Al-Anon Theme Meeting

Dorothy M